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Venus Computers

If your computer is not working as it should be and suspect that there is a fault with its hardware, then why not contact Venus Computers for help. We repair all makes of computers, printers and monitors at a very competitive rate.

Many Business and Home PC's are bought for a hefty price with an attached warranty valid for only 1 year. When that warranty runs out many home users have no advice or help and have to pay the company they bought their PC's from at premium rates. If you require us to change all of this, then this service will not only allow us to diagnose the fault with your PC but to also rectify it in the process.

Although if it appears that there is a faulty part (or parts) through the initial diagnostics, then we can either advise on the required part to be replaced or obtain and fit the new part for you! At Venus Computer Services not only do we present you an outstanding and excellent value for money service, but we will answer any queries you may have and advice you on how best to minimise future problems.